Cannabis Essentials

4 Cannabis Essentials That Every Beginner Must Have

Using cannabis for the first time can be overwhelming. It’s a completely new medication with completely new safety instructions and more than a dozen different ways of consumption. The variety also continues in its types. Cannabis has more than a thousand different strains. Each one with a specific chemical composition proves to be beneficial for a specific medical condition. So, not only do you have to figure out your delivery method but also the type that will suit you. And all this is just the tip of the iceberg.

But don’t worry. I’m not going to make your journey more difficult. Instead, I’m here to provide you with some relief.

I understand that you may get lost when starting your cannabis treatment. For example, what you need to buy immediately and what can wait a while. So, I will give a little introduction about the basic cannabis essentials that every beginner must-have.

An MMJ Recommendation or Card

If you are considering using medical marijuana in Stockton, CA, your first step should be to get an MMJ recommendation or card. This is one of the tops essentials that every beginner should have. Why? Because it is your key to having easier access to cannabis. You can visit any dispensary in the city and buy cannabis products using your card. No legal issues or questions were asked.

In addition to this, an MMJ recommendation or card gives you entry into a world of privileges. A medical cannabis consumer with a legit MMJ card can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Save money with tax exemptions and discounts.
  • Enjoy a lower age limit of 18 years compared to 21 years for recreational consumers.
  • Have access to all medical-only dispensaries in the city.
  • No potency limits on cannabis products.
  • Higher possession limit of up to 8 ounces.

An Airtight Container

If you are using cannabis as a medication, it is very important that you store it properly. With continuous exposure to light, air, and moisture, and fluctuating temperatures, your cannabis stash can lose its potency. And with time, your medication may no longer be effective like it used to be.

For this reason, you must invest in an airtight glass container. Buy one according to the quantity of your stash to avoid any air getting trapped in the container. It will also avoid the contact between cannabis and air, moisture or heat, and maintain the potency of your stash. The sturdiness of the glass will avoid any mishandling of your cannabis and the breaking away of the trichomes. So, you can keep your stash fresh for a long time.


As a beginner, you must know that cannabis consumption can lead to overdose. Cannabis can be therapeutic only at a specific dose which is often difficult to measure. Also, certain delivery methods like edibles are more potent than others. It makes a beginner susceptible to consuming more than their body can handle.

Now, an overdose is not fatal but it can be intolerable. From severe anxiety and paranoia to headaches and hangovers, the effects can be strong. In this case, instead of panicking, you must learn how to sober up. There are several tips to sober up from a high and one of them is CBD.

Unlike the intoxicating THC that binds to the CB receptors to cause a high, CBD is a receptor antagonist. This means that it prevents THC from further reacting with the receptors and lowering the high gradually.

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A Weighing Scale

Now that you know that cannabis overdose is a possibility and also common among beginners, you will better understand the importance of micro-dosing. It is the practice of using small amounts of cannabis and moving ahead slowly to avoid an overdose.

In order to do that, you need something to measure the microdose. A weighing scale comes to the rescue here. Using one will help you have a specific dose at a time and enjoy the therapeutic effects instead of the couch locking high of an overdose.

Now that you have some understanding of the cannabis essentials, you will not be lost for the first time. So, get your medical cannabis card today and start stocking up on the essentials to begin your journey to a better life.

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