5 Facts You Should Learn About Marijuana Edibles

With many medical studies showing cannabis as an effective treatment for chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD, depression, etc., more patients are applying for 420 evaluations. Smoking delivers cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream, but it’s not safe. The American Heart Association says that marijuana smoke contains many of the same carcinogens as cigarette smoke. Edibles are safer than smoking. In fact, without inhaling the smoke, you can enjoy medicinal effects, such as pain relief, improved sleep, etc.

Before buying cannabis-infused gummies, brownies, etc., there are many things you should learn about edibles. How they are absorbed, what’s the onset time, duration, etc. Let’s discuss them.

Edibles Are Not Absorbed Directly Into The Bloodstream

Edibles don’t work the same way as smoking. In the latter, the smoke containing cannabinoids is inhaled through the lungs. Thus, the cannabinoids reach the bloodstream directly and kick in immediately.

On the other hand, edibles are absorbed through the digestive system. So, cannabis first reaches the stomach, where the liver metabolizes THC, thus converting it into 11-hydroxy THC. Then, THC is transferred to the bloodstream. The processing time depends on the levels of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD.

Since the combustion of the substance doesn’t occur, edibles don’t cause lung damage. So, eating cannabis is considered a healthy way of consuming cannabis.

Edibles Kick in Slowly

Unlike smoking or vaping, you can’t feel the effects of edibles instantly. You have to wait for 30-90 minutes instead. Some studies show that the peak effects of cannabis can be experienced in 2 hours.

However, the onset time depends on the concentration of THC. For instance, if you have consumed high-THC edibles, you are likely to experience medicinal effects quickly. On the other hand, low-THC edibles may take a bit longer to kick in. Certain edibles, such as gums, lollipops, etc. kick in quickly. The reason is absorption occurs through the mucus membranes.

Moreover, your age, tolerance to cannabis, etc. are the important factors influencing the onset time of edibles.

Edibles Provide Lasting Effects

The effects of cannabis edibles last longer than smoking and other delivery methods. Usually, you can feel the edible effects for up to 8-10 hours. So, this consumption method is perfect for individuals who need lasting relief from their symptoms such as pain.

Again, the duration of edible effects depends on the strain, body weight, tolerance, metabolism, etc. Edibles that are chewed or swallowed last longer than the ones that are absorbed orally.

According to a study published in 2016, data from Twitter reported that “unpredictable high duration” was one of the key adverse effects associated with edibles.

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Additionally, ingesting cannabis delivers less potent effects than inhaling. Some medical experts say that edibles deliver just 10-20 percent of THC or other cannabinoids into the blood plasma. However, it’s 50-60 percent in the case of inhaling cannabis.

Edibles With Different Strengths Are Available

How strong cannabis edibles are? Well, there is a wide range of cannabis-infused foods and beverages available with different percentages of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. So, you can choose edibles according to your symptoms and dosing requirements.

At medical dispensaries, you can find a wide range of marijuana-infused gummies, brownies, cakes, ice-creams, teas, etc. Before buying any product, you should carefully check the label, ensuring it contains the optimal levels of cannabinoids perfect for managing your symptoms. If you are a fitness lover, you can buy edibles without sugary ingredients.

The label on the edible package generally contains retailer information, cannabinoid profile, barcode for retail sale, processor’s details, total chemical compounds, manufacturer and expiry date, etc.

Dosage is Important

How much you ingest plays a key role in edible effects. If you eat more, you are likely to feel the effects longer. So, learning about the correct dose for your condition is important.

When it comes to edible doses, there are different sizes available. For instance, 2.5 to 5 mg of THC is a small dose, which can help boost creativity levels and concentration at work. It’s ideal for mild pain relief, stress, and anxiety. However, individuals with a high tolerance to THC can go for 30-50 mg of THC. It can help them receive significant euphoric effects along with increasing the risks of cognitive function impairment.

THC affects people differently. So, it’s important to start slow and small. Microdosing allows you to learn about the effects of THC on your body so that you can adjust the dose and avoid side effects.

Avoid mixing edibles with alcohol. Science says that drinking alcohol with marijuana enhances the bioavailability of THC.

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Tips to Enjoy Edibles

It’s quite difficult to determine the edible effects, especially if you are using this method for the first time. Overconsumption is common since edibles take longer to kick in as compared to smoking and vaping. Here are some important tips to help you make the most out of edible consumption-

  • Start with a low dose and wait for at least 2 hours. If nothing happens, take the second dose.
  • Consume edibles in a comfortable place, such as the home.
  • Read the label and guidelines carefully. Start with low-THC edibles. Try different edibles. Check the percentage of different cannabinoids per serving.
  • Eat something before you consume cannabis-infused foods or beverages. This is because THC acts faster when you eat with an empty stomach.

Get an MMJ Card to Access Licensed Dispensaries Legally

In the United States, 36 states have legalized marijuana use for medical purposes. Each state has its own regulations for medical marijuana. In California, patients suffering from at least one MMJ qualifying condition can get MMJ recs to access licensed dispensaries legally. The California qualifying conditions list includes-

  • Cancer
  • Anorexia
  • AIDS
  • Chronic pain
  • Seizures
  • Severe nausea
  • Glaucoma
  • Cachexia
  • Spasticity
  • Arthritis
  • Migraines
  • Any chronic condition that affects major life events as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

Now, you can see a doctor online to apply for a medical marijuana recommendation. Telemedicine allows you to get MMJ recs without leaving your home, and is 100 percent safe.

Here’s the complete process-

  • Sign up for an account providing your medical and personal details
  • See a doctor online via HIPAA-compliant software
  • Get your MMJ rec letter in PDF format via email in just 10 minutes

Note- The hard copy of MMJ recs will be delivered to you via email in 1-3 business days.

Final Thoughts

Edibles are getting popular as a safe cannabis consumption method. Unlike smoking or vaping, it doesn’t generate harmful chemicals, which cause many health issues, such as lung problems. You have a wide range of options in cannabis edibles to choose from. These include gummies, cakes, pizzas, brownies, etc. available in different strengths.

Edibles don’t kick in instantly as smoking. You have to wait for 30-90 minutes to feel the effects. This is because cannabinoids are absorbed through the digestive system and then reach the bloodstream. The effects of edibles last longer than other consumption methods. However, the edible onset and duration depend on the concentration of cannabinoids, dose, tolerance, etc. So, get the right edibles and use them carefully. Seek professional advice for consuming edibles for managing your symptoms.

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