5 Ways Cannabis Can Help You Live a Healthy Life

We’re all looking for that elixir that makes us look younger, stay stronger for longer, and allows us to enjoy our youth even in our late forties. While there is no such magic potion out there for us to try, cannabis has been the closest we’ve ever been to such an idea.

A magic-like herb we know not much about, cannabis has been able to enter both the recreational and medical aspects of health for users today. With a medical marijuana recommendation, consumers can find high potency, good-quality products that can be found at dispensaries.

But for new consumers or those who might be living under a rock, it is our duty to notify them of why they need cannabis in their life.

Cannabis has not only become a source of hope for patients with chronic and terminal illnesses but also for those who look forward to better days. As more and more recreational consumers are incorporating cannabis into their life, they’ve unboxed better health and a great standard of living.

5 Ways Cannabis Can Help You Lead a Healthier Life 

Marijuana has been used for years, even before its legalization, for its therapeutic benefits all across the globe. While some regions are still uncertain about the efficacy of this herb, the US has started taking progressive steps towards a more elaborate and accepting medical system. This system comes with the promise of more detailed studies and research to find the true benefits associated with cannabis.

Today, however, we’ve learned more about cannabis than we did in the past and this knowledge only makes us look for more. Why? Because it has proven to be more than just a herb. There are multiple benefits that we associate with cannabis today that is backed by science and research. While there is still a lot that is unknown, we’ve listed 5 benefits of cannabis that can help improve your lifestyle.

Improves Mental Health

Our society today no longer looks at mental health as a taboo. We understand the severity of these conditions and are looking for ways to tackle the issues. However, the medications that we so often rely on tend to have a series of negative effects. Antidepressants are often associated with greater side effects like addiction, lethargy, and more.

This brings us to trying out cannabis as a means of alternative medication for patients with mental disorders. And guess what, as per science and first-hand experience, cannabis seems to work wonders.

With medical doses of the herb being used in controlled settings, a handful of studies have proven to help improve symptoms of multiple disorders. Most studies find that the synergetic effects of THC and CBD in cannabis products help with the following:

  • Improve mood and change behavior
  • Reduces symptoms of psychosis in patients with Schizophrenia
  • Reduces levels of stress and anxiety
  • Patients have a euphoric experience

While THC alone can be a leading factor of these symptoms, products that are potent in CBD help to balance the effects out and help patients find relief.

While we’ve just discussed the medical benefits of cannabis for patients diagnosed with mental illness, multiple undiagnosed consumers also rely on the herb to experience relief. Unlike medical users, recreational consumers do not need to apply for a medical marijuana recommendation.

It is crucial to remember that without the recommendation, you will not be able to access the same type of products. Recreational products have minimal traces of Delta 9 THC as it is an intoxicating component and requires professional recommendation before being used.

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Helps With Chronic Pain

Body ache, headaches, migraines, tender muscles, inflammation in joints; there are just too many causes that one might go through extreme pain. As a solution for all types of pain, cannabis stands tall today. Not only is cannabis medically recommended for chronic pain associated with medically diagnosed ailments like arthritis or multiple sclerosis, but it has also garnered attention as a savior for sore muscles after leg day at the gym.

In other words, cannabis as an ingestible as well as a topical is used today to enjoy relief from all sorts of pain.

Improves Sleep

Opioids are the prescribed way to go to fight insomnia. But regular use over a long period can render you completely dependent on these drugs. This is why multiple patients are trying to make the shift to cannabis after realizing the addictive limitations of cannabis.

While previously defined as a schedule drug, cannabis has shown to have less addictive effects when compared with other drugs and medications. While the THC present in cannabis can lead to dependency, the CBD present often counters the effects and balances them out. In the end, you’re left with a weaker dependency that is easier to get rid of.

For this reason, and a few others (like the side effects of sleeping pills), medical marijuana doctors have also started recommending cannabis products to help with insomnia.

At the same time, consumers who have a hard time falling asleep but have not been diagnosed with any issue tend to depend on recreational doses for the same.

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Increases Appetite

The state allows physicians to recommend medical marijuana for a handful of ailments. It’s crucial to remember that this doesn’t make cannabis a cure for these conditions, rather a means of helping with the symptoms. One such symptom is the loss of appetite.

Multiple studies, as one cited here, prove that smoking marijuana can increase the overall caloric intake. In the stated study, the caloric intake went up by 40% in the subjects.

Improves Immunity

A lot about cannabis is known through age-old beliefs and anecdotal evidence advocating the benefits of this herb. But every few years, and more so after the legalization of weed, studies have come to light that proves its efficacy of it. One aspect that these studies shine a light on is the effect of cannabis on the immunity system.

It has been shown that patients who consume cannabis, smoke it (in most cases), tend to have stronger immunity as opposed to others.


Apart from the 5 benefits listed above, there are tons of ways that cannabis can benefit your life. For those who want to use cannabis for a medical condition, we recommend that you set up an appointment with your physician or a marijuana doctor and get a medical marijuana recommendation.

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