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8 Destinations Around the World to Visit if You Are a Cannabis Enthusiast

Cannabis has been a cause of discussion for many years now, from its medical usage to its legality. Moments of significant importance like Proposition 215 in 1996 and the US Farm Bill of 2018 have had a profound impact on cannabis. Medical marijuana has been a point of focus for now, and there are many channels through which it is being pushed. There is no denying the fact that cannabis possesses many medical positives. From anti-inflammatory properties to neuroprotective ones, from pain-relieving to reducing anxiety, cannabis has been studied for all the same. With many states legalizing cannabis in some form or the other, all you need is a cannabis card to get access to medical marijuana.

Nonetheless, recreational use of marijuana in the united states is still not completely legal. This doesn’t mean that you should be bereft of its use and significance. There are many places around the world that have legalized the use of marijuana recreationally. A visit to any of the mentioned destinations could be seen as a must to any and every avid user of the plant. Here are some destinations that will help you feel one with the plant and be educated about it too.

Seattle – USA

Starting off from home turf, Seattle is one of the most well-known spots for marijuana. After Washington passed a law that allows people over the age of 21 to use marijuana recreationally, there has been an influx of many state-licensed dispensaries and cafes. There are restrictions on how much cannabis in what form you can possess or grow at any given time, but that does not discount the fact that marijuana is recreationally legal and available in the city. Other than just the cafes, there is so much to do outdoors as well! You could opt for kayaking, interest yourself in a nature walk in any of the national parks and forests. You could even go biking across the city, with a diverse topography as there could be, the possibilities are limitless in Seattle.

Kingston – Jamaica

A stay in the Caribbean Islands is something never to be denied, but when you know it is as they a ‘paradise’ for marijuana purists, you are motivated even more. If there is one person that people would associate with the use of cannabis, it would be Bob Marley for most definitely all the people. Kingston legalized the recreational use of marijuana in 2015, pretty late when compared to the history of the plant and the country. Also, the significant cultural impact the plant has had on the community. with Rastafarians seen left, right, and center, you will not be looking out for cages or dispensaries. Rather you would feel more absolved out in the open beaches.

Nimbin – Australia

If you have never heard of this place before, there is a good reason why it has been a hidden gem in the land down under. For as long as people can remember, Nimbin has been called the Earthly Paradise in Australia with wildlife, forests, waterfalls, and nature surrounding the area. It isn’t in a secluded corner of the world either, being just an hour away from the famous Byron Bay, Nimbin still has a miserly population of just more than 1500 people. Have a walk around town, bask in the sun and enjoy the scarcely populated town to its fullest. When you walk into the town, it’s like stepping back into the 1960s. There’s tie-dye everywhere, flower-power signs, and plenty of smoke shops. If you’re into edibles, you can buy those, too.

Ibiza – Spain

The city is cooled by a balmy Mediterranean breeze. It has miles and miles of sun-kissed, sandy beaches on which to unwind. It’s also the world’s center for electronic music and nightclubs. Needless to say, it’s a popular nightlife destination. Spain, particularly the city of Ibiza, is one of the most cannabis-friendly countries. It’s widely available throughout the city, and no one minds if you smoke on the beach or in a nightclub.

Amsterdam- Netherlands

Amsterdam is the epitome of a free-thinking city. It has been decades ahead of the cannabis curve, and it is one of the best places in the world for a cannabis-friendly vacation. Cannabis is completely legal in the city, and it’s also widely available for purchase in a plethora of cafes. Speaking of the city, it has much more to offer than weed. The streets are lined with small businesses, museums, and restaurants. It’s the ideal combination of exploration, fun, and culture all in one location.

Ontario – Canada

Ontario, Canada, is a friendly place for recreational marijuana users. You can legally buy, possess, use, and even grow recreational marijuana if you are 19 or older. It is legal to transport up to 30 grams at a time, but it can only be used in private residences and public outdoor spaces. As a result, you can expect Toronto, one of Ontario’s busiest cities, to join in the fun, with a plethora of cannabis cafes to visit. Some specialize in fine edibles that rival the best local bakeries’ pastries. But be careful, as even the prettiest pastry can be surprisingly potent. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Barcelona – Spain

Spain, oh, Spain. Doesn’t it sound a little sultry? Barcelona is a city known for its art, architecture, and beautiful beaches, as well as being one of the most cannabis-friendly cities in the world. Many local cannabis seed breeders can be found in the area, and the city’s strict privacy laws allow residents to possess up to 40 grams of marijuana and grow two plants on their property. The growing law, of course, does not apply to tourists, but it remains a very welcoming destination for recreational and medicinal cannabis users.

Christina – Denmark

This section of Copenhagen has declared itself an autonomous region and is frequently referred to as a large commune. Locals refer to it as “Freetown Christiania, Christiania’s ‘no hard drugs’ policy allows for pot sales, which are on-again, off-again because of periodic crackdowns. recreational use of marijuana use is illegal in Denmark, but medical use rampant and prevalent.

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