Cannabis-Infused Edibles

Beginners Guide to Ingesting Cannabis-Infused Edibles

Medical marijuana in Stockton CA has become a really good alternative to prescription drugs. And while there are many ways of consumption being used nowadays, cannabis edibles are lately catching more attention and are at the trending surface among cannabis users. There are many kinds of edibles you can find in dispensaries. But it might not be a great idea to just walk into one and buy edibles before any prior knowledge related to its consumption. 

Once you have got your medical cannabis card, here are a few things you should be aware of before using edibles.

Learn How They Enter Your System

Cannabis edibles unlike smoking, enter our body through the gastronomical tract. This is where the liver metabolizes the cannabinoids present in the herb into metabolites, which then enters our bloodstream.

Interaction between Cannabinoids And Endocannabinoid system 

Cannabinoids, which are plant’s naturally occurring compounds interact with our endocannabinoid system(ECS) and modulates its functioning. The results of which are what we generally call, “the effects”. The Endocannabinoid system is a newly discovered system that explains various self-regulating processes in our body. ECS plays an important role in regulating functions such as mood, memory, pain modulation, several activities of the immune system, and nervous system.

Onset Time, Intensity, and Duration

While the effects of smoking dry herbs can be felt almost immediately, edibles could take time to show their effects. Each of us has a different physiologic environment, based on which we respond to cannabis and other medications. 

The onset time of edibles also depends on the metabolic rate of the individual. People with a faster metabolic rate will feel the effects quicker than the others. Edibles could take 30 minutes to 2 hours to show their effects based on the above factors. This is also the primary reason why first-time users could ingest more edibles than they should or can tolerate.

During digestion our liver metabolizes delta-9-THC to  11-hydroxy-THC which is its highly potent form and is well absorbed by our body. This causes the effects to be much higher in comparison to smoking cannabis.

Effects of cannabis edibles could last upto 8 hours and even more depending upon the dosage.

The Right Dosage is The Key to Safely Ingest Edibles

The right dosage varies from person to person. Two people could have different effects after consuming the same amount of cannabis edible. 

Then how to go about it?

You might have heard experienced users saying, “start with a low dosage”. That’s a great idea, to begin with.

Although 10mg dose is considered a standard dose for adults, you being a first time user should start with a lesser dosage.

To be on the safer side, begin with a dosage having THC content not more than 2.5 -5mg. This most likely will produce mild euphoric and relaxing effects, which probably comes along with a creative boost. You can increase the dosage if you feel like, but only after 2-3 hours of consuming the edible.

Other Factors to Consider While Consuming Edibles

Cannabis affects our mood and can cause an alteration in the perception. Where you are consuming your cannabis and with whom you are consuming it would affect your experience.

Because effects concerned with cannabis edibles are much higher than other methods, you must take care of a few basic things.

Consume Edibles With The People You Know

Ingest edibles with your friends. This might sound a bit obvious but your friends are the ones who would have your back in case things go south. Moreover, it’s could also be a fun activity and would make you feel more secure and result in a better high. 

Ingest edibles in your Leisure

As edibles have a longer onset time and its effects could last up to 6-8 hours. It’s a good idea to consume it on a free day when you have enough time. This would also add up to a better experience.

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