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Can 420 Med Evaluations be Helpful For Relieving PTSD Symptoms?

Medical marijuana is legal in more than 30 states now. Patients are free to access medical marijuana in Stockton, ca with the help of 420 med evaluations. In the middle of the protests of people in favor and against this nature’s blessing to the world. But, it was still able to make its mark in the heart of the healthcare system. Thereby, making it one of the most searched products of all times. 

But, the question that still bothers a lot of people is if it is really effective or is it just a fad? It could not be a fad as we hear all sorts of medical recoveries using cannabis. Patients who are coming out and confirming its medicinal benefits. In addition to that, a lot of research studies are coming out and claiming its therapeutic potential in their preclinical studies. 

This has really helped patients suffering from a range of medical conditions including PTSD to get out of their fears and anxieties pretty well. Here is how it is helpful for PTSD patients. 

How is PTSD And Endocannabinoid System (ECS) Connected?

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The endocannabinoid system or ECS plays an important part in the progression of PTSD issues as there is a change in the number of CB1 receptors as compared to any normal mentally healthy person. In this, the number of CB1 receptors increases in comparison to the agonist neurochemicals that can shut off its negative impacts. And these overall changes the emotions for normal to fear to anxious ones considerably. 

One study even confirmed that there was a reduced level of anandamide in PTSD patients which led to an increase in feelings such as fear, stress, anxiety, or any relatable emotions. So, if we replenish the less concentration with medical marijuana cannabinoids, it could help in reducing the effects much more. 

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How is Medical Marijuana Helpful in Reducing PTSD Symptoms?

A lot of pharmaceutical drugs are currently available for reducing the medical condition. But, such drugs have a lot of associated adverse effects along with less therapeutic efficacy issues. This is why patients are turning to other methods, precisely, medical marijuana therapy for managing their symptoms effectively. Here is how medical marijuana is able to manage the condition better than any other current medical therapies.

Medical marijuana is able to manipulate or modulate the EC system by replenishing it with the lost cannabinoids using its phytocannabinoids, i.e. CBD or THC. This is overall helpful in reviving the balance back to normal. Hence, making it one of the best options for reviving your mental health without affecting your health in any other way. Medical marijuana does that by managing stress or anxieties with its amazing anxiolytic properties. It also acts as a mood booster or mood enhancer as well. So, PTSD patients are able to change their environment pretty much easily. 

In addition to that, they are able to sleep properly as well. As medical marijuana is able to reduce the REM stage of the sleep cycle that usually leads to nightmares. So, overall one is happy without any fear of memory revival via nightmares at all. 

First FDA-approved study of cannabis for PTSD in veterans underway

USFDA approved a study that would be using cannabis to manage the symptoms of veterans dealing with PTSD. They even granted around 2 million dollars to the University of Colorado, making it one of the biggest clinical trials across the world on how medical marijuana can be helpful in relieving a range of PTSD symptoms.

This study will use 60 veterans as their subjects and they will be assigned to different groups such as High THC (12%), High CBD (12%), THC: CBD (8% each), and placebo. The initial results have definitely shown some positivity towards medical marijuana intervention. However, it’s just a start and needs some thorough studies to evaluate the entire process efficiently. 

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A Brief Report About Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in the US

It is a type of mental health disorder where a person is unable to control its emotions and often leads to sudden and high-intensity emotional outbursts. It could also lead to nightmares or a change in the regular sleep cycle. More than 7 million Americans have been diagnosed with PTSD which could be triggered by any traumatic event or a loss of an important person or any sexual assault. So, it is very important to look for effective medical intervention. 


PTSD is often misinterpreted as a rare condition or something that does not need any medical intervention. However, if you don’t treat the condition on time, things might start affecting your health at both personal and professional fronts. Hence, go for 420 med evaluations and start a stress-free life right away. 

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