Stocking a Cannabis

How to Stock a Cannabis Bar For a Wedding?

The world is indeed progressing at lightning speed. Take cannabis for instance. Over thirty years ago, you could’ve been behind bars for being seen with the green herb. Today, the times are such that people are having cannabis bars at their weddings. That’s right. Not a snack bar or an alcohol bar but one that […]

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Medical Cannabis

How Does Marijuana Work For Arthritis?

The national arthritis statistics by the CDC says that 54.4 million American adults had been told by a doctor that they had some form of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia from 2013-2015. Research shows that medical marijuana can help manage arthritis symptoms such as pain and inflammation. Since cannabis delivers natural results, more […]

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Pros and Cons of Medical Cannabis

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Marijuana Edibles

Since the legalization of cannabis in the US, the number of people applying for a medical cannabis card has been skyrocketing. People are using the herb to treat several of their medical conditions, including pain, inflammation, anxiety, PTSD, etc. And they are getting satisfying results. However, though people are now getting more familiar with the […]

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Marijuana Use For Epilepsy

How Medical Marijuana For Epilepsy Works?

According to the CDC, 1.2 percent of the US population had active epilepsy. It becomes around 3.4 million individuals—including 3 million adults and 470,000 children. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that is characterized by abnormal brain activity, unusual behavior, and loss of consciousness. There’s scientific evidence that marijuana can be used as an effective treatment […]

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