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Learn About These Top Cannabis Podcasts

Cannabis is now legal in 33 states for medical purposes. And it is also legal for recreational use in 11 states, with California being the light bearer. The Golden State was the first one to legalize the medical use of cannabis. If you suffer from a condition that qualifies for the use of medical cannabis, […]

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Is it ok For Athletes to Smoke Marijuana?

Is it ok For Athletes to Smoke Marijuana? Athletes keep on working to boost performance and beat the competition. No doubt, regular practice & healthy diet are the basic methods to improve athletic performance. What about marijuana? In the athlete world, effects of marijuana on athletic performance has become one of the hottest topics nowadays. […]

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What Are Terpenes And Why Should You Care

All of us have heard about the stunning cannabinoids, the reason we can reach euphoria, and for some, manage our previously unmanageable issues. Terpenes are what we smell, that complexity of sweet strawberry or the diesel-like stench is all a by-product of the terpenes present in cannabis. Knowing why cannabis smells like what it does […]

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Want to End Worrying? Use Medical Cannabis Treatment

Excessive worrying. Butterflies in the stomach when addressing a group of people. Thinking that all eyes on you when entering a room full of strangers. If you experience these, you’re suffering from anxiety. But, don’t worry! You aren’t alone! According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, about 40 million people in the country […]

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