Medical Cannbis For Diabetes

Manage your diabetes with the help of cannabis

Diabetes is a disease that needs active attention especially during this risky time of COVID-19. That’s because it is one of the coronavirus comorbidities and can complicate issues further. So, you need to manage it to reduce your risk. Cannabis carries the promising potential to manage diabetes. If you have a medical cannabis card, you […]

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How Do Cannabis And COVID-19 Affect Each Other?

Think twice before smoking cannabis during this COVID-19 pandemic to relieve your stress and anxiety! Smoking cannabis is riskier now due to the associated complications of COVID-19, the widely spread disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Is cannabis really essential like milk and bread? Just like restaurants, marijuana businesses should also slow down and curb […]

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420 evaluations stockton ca

Learn About These Top Cannabis Podcasts

Cannabis is now legal in 33 states for medical purposes. And it is also legal for recreational use in 11 states, with California being the light bearer. The Golden State was the first one to legalize the medical use of cannabis. If you suffer from a condition that qualifies for the use of medical cannabis, […]

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How Can Medical Cannabis Help in Treating OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a chronic condition that involves recurring thoughts, obsessions, and behaviors. People have many misconceptions and inaccurate depictions regarding the condition. However, some of its causes are due to similar to that of other mental illnesses. Some of the symptoms of OCD include fear of being contaminated by germs, fear of harming […]

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