Cooking With Cannabis

Cooking With Cannabis: 8 Things You Need To Keep In Mind

We all know someone who struggles to boil eggs and always order takeouts, but we also know people who love to cook. Regardless of their choice, everyone requires food to survive. And food can come in various forms, shapes, and sizes. Whatever your reason to cook, eat, or choose food type, there’s one thing for sure, food has diverse categories. Here we will discuss food but with a twist. 

Have you ever heard about CBD and cooking with CBD? If not, this is the post for you, because we will talk about cooking with CBD and everything you need to learn while cooking with CBD or cannabidiol. So, start out with CBD and choose a product you can never mess things with. In this case, most novice cannabis users cook with tinctures. One of the most commonly found components. You can easily find one in a state-licensed dispensary or get it with the help of a medical cannabis card. Don’t forget to check your state laws before making the purchase. 

The beauty about cooking with cannabis is, if you already know the taste, you technically know that product in terms of potency and versatility. For instance, hemp-oils have a bitter and earthy flavor. In some food settings, this taste can do wonders while in others it can be a little too much. This is the reason why cannabis strains have their own profile and set of terpenes. However, don’t forget about the sweet and chocolatey edibles. They can make up for a good dessert at the end of a three-course meal. And, in case, sweet cannabis snacks are not your go-to food, then you are in luck. Without further ado, let us dive straight into the tips you need to keep in mind when cooking with CBD. 

First, Pick A Good CBD Oil

CBD oil will not cost you a fortune, but they are a little more expensive than the oils you normally use for cooking. Those of you using a little tincture bottle to alleviate the symptoms of a certain medical condition will need more than a tiny bottle to get down to a 20ml bottle of CBD. After all, you will be using a lot more than a few drops in your cooking. 

If you think you can buy expensive CBD oil bottles without a worry, go ahead. However, there are other alternatives in the market. For instance, some brands produce olive oil combined with CBD oil at an affordable price. These kinds of oil can be the solution to your problem. Also, keep in mind that CBD is still in its infancy. That’s why you won’t find big bottles of CBD oil in the market easily. In this case, you can make your own CBD oil. There are two ways to make CBD oil at home. 

How To Make CBD Oil At Home?

Take any oil out of the kitchen counter, preferably olive oil, and then mix little quantities of both the oils. We recommend that you mix only as much as you need for cooking. Because this can become an expensive habit in the long run. Another way to make CBD oil: If you live in a legal state, get a highly potent strain, decarboxylate it, and then cook the strain in olive oil. The cannabinoids from the strain will mix with the olive oil. Next, strain the oil properly and you will be left with CBD cooking oil at the end of the process. 

CBD and Excessive Heating Will Not Get Along

You might be surprised to hear this one because most cannabis users heat up the cannabinoids to get the desired effect. However, here’s the twist. Cooking takes place at very intense and high temperatures. You can either allow your strain to overcook by destroying the taste or degrade the quality of the strain by overly heating it. That’s why heat plays a different role when it comes to cooking with CBD. 

Go Slow 

Even if you’re cooking with CBD doesn’t mean that you go overboard and add extra oil to the dish. Always remember, when it comes to cannabis slow and steady always wins the race. So, there’s no sense taking extra amounts of oil because CBD high doses can have intoxicating effects on you. It is best to use the right amount of oil required for cooking. If you are cooking for your family or friends. Keep their tolerance levels in mind. The bottom line is to start small and go slow. 

Ensure Fats In Your Food 

Unsaturated fats cause less harm to the body. But you might wonder why use fats at all? You see cannabinoids do not mix with water. And I am sure water is also a part of some food items you cook. This also means that when you mix water and CBD oil, neuter will the oil mix nor bind with the water molecules. As a result, CBD oil will separately float on top of your dish. That’s why you should use a little fat in your dish. For the same, we recommend that you create CBD oil before you begin cooking with it. If you do not have CBD oil, make sure you add fats to the concerned food item. Food fat will increase the absorption rate of CBD and with it, you will be able to cook an effective food item.

Inform People That You Cook In CBD Oil 

Let’s face it, cannabis still gets C grade when it comes to ranking in order of stigmatization. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that despite CBDs nationwide acceptance, someone or the other will always stand against it. So, do not host a party with CBD snacks and food without informing that you cook with CBD oil. You have to be open and honest as a host. Furthermore, you should also get a quick review from everyone on your guest list before cooking with CBD oil. This way you will understand, what is the tolerance level of your guests? How many stand against CBD usage and who will most likely get an allergy. You don’t want anyone feeling sick in your party, do you? 

Edibles Take Longer To Digest 

Patience is the key to experiencing the effects of an edible. The food travels through your food pie, to the stomach where the process of digestion takes place. So, it might take a few hours for you to finally see the effects. This is the reason why you need to start small and wait for the effects to kick in. If you keep eating a handful of brownies in order to seek some effect, the results can be devastating. So, stay patient and be careful about how many edibles you eat. 

Keep The Dosing Guide In Mind

The reason cannabis products come with a label is because you know each tablet or gummy bear contains 15mg of CBD. However, when it comes to full meals, you don’t have the labels to help you with certain vital pieces of information. All you understand is how much CBD your oil contains. While some CBD meals will contain more oil than others, it is best to share these meals with people who are okay with CBD use. As far as the dose is concerned, start small and increase it later on if required. 

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