Five World Leaders Who Smoked Weed And Accepted It

Weed is the most common drug in this world. As per some surveys, at least 70% of Americans have used it. Before the government banned hemp from giving way to the paper industry, people were happily using it for centuries. Even before Americans, British, and Romans, the most influential leaders of the world, Egyptian Pharaohs. Including American, British, and Roman leaders, these Egyptian Pharaohs used to do the pot too. There is a theory connected that there are chances that Egyptian thought marijuana is related to redemption and the afterlife. Well, enough about the superstitions we are here to discuss history, let’s do that:

Start With the Oldest

Yes, the Pharaohs, these people were ruling great civilization on the bank of the longest river Nile. As historic evidence teaches us, the Pharaohs gained the crown in 3150 BC and held power till 30 BC. Until now, people were kind of iffy on the subject of ancient Egyptians using cannabis, but cannabis pollen is recovered from a mummy. Ramesses II’s mummy also has details on medical papyri, which describes a zillion medical use of MMJ. They were using it for treating hemorrhoids and sore eyes. These are people who built the pyramids, hell, if they are saying goo is good, I will believe that too.

The Great Greeks

Those people started western civilization; they were the ones to invent democracy too. Oh, and they thought weed was fresh. There are many texts in which ancient Greek writers included that marijuana is a medicine. They used marijuana to get the ear inflammation, to stop nose bleeding, and to fume down inflammation in the ears. Although it is very strange, the physicians used to give cannabis as a cure to nightfall to teenagers.

But again, who is to judge, right?

Queen Victoria

I do not know anything about God saved the queen or not, but marijuana sure did. She is the longest-ruling monarch, As per her personal physicians, Queen Victoria usually intake some of the aunt merry, to take care of those period cramps. Yes, she was controlling her PMS with the help of marijuana. “ It is the valuable most medicine we have in our arsenal,” said Sir J. Russel Reynolds. Reynolds, in an 1890 edition of The Lancet, the oldest medical journal of this world, accepted the fact that they were using merry for the queen.

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John F. Kennedy

Well we all know who John F. Kennedy was, don’t we? As most of us know him for his assassination and good looks, John was a hash doer too. Kennedy, my father always says was way ahead of his time, maybe that’s the reason he was suffering from 21st century’s problems. As many written accounts describe, JFK was suffering from bad back pain and used to smoke hash for curbing the pain. And in a biography named, John F. Kennedy: A Biography, he is shown smoking three joints with Mary Meyer, an unknown woman. Other American Presidents who did weed are Bill Clinton and Brack Obama. Both of the previous Presidents claimed that they did it when they were young and it has nothing to do with them now.

Calling it a Day

Yep! So, these are those historical world leaders who smoked pot for one reason or for another. Although most of them used it for medical purposes, it is incredible to see that even when they knew about the medical benefits, they banned the substance.

Medical marijuana is a boon if used right, and as the golden excuse, it is still far healthier than tobacco and alcohol.