Growing Your Own Cannabis

Get Productive In Self Isolation by Growing Your Own Cannabis

The world is getting more particular about their safety and the marijuana industry is playing its part. People are now opting for doorstep deliveries as a social distancing measure. So dispensaries are taking online orders. Telemedicine has also boomed since the pandemic started. People are now opting to visit a medical marijuana doctor online to avoid getting out of their homes. The focus is basically on avoiding exposure to COVID-19 while having easy access to marijuana. In that case, there is one other way that can fulfill the criteria. Growing your own marijuana.

Growing your own marijuana has a lot of benefits. From an unlimited supply for a long time to big savings, the list is pretty long. And these benefits have gone up a notch during the current pandemic. In fact, this is the best time to consider having your own marijuana plant.

Read along to know how having your own marijuana plant can help you during the pandemic.

Why Is This The Best Time to Grow Your Own Cannabis?

1. You Get The Perfect Pastime

COVID-19 quarantine has given you a lot of spare time. So instead of whining about boredom, why not use it to get productive? A marijuana plant can be just the right option.

If you have been using marijuana then having your own plant can be an exciting and learning experience. You can grow a marijuana plant indoors or outdoors. An indoor setup allows you to be discrete and keep away from thieves and nosy neighbors. However, a marijuana plant may have many more requirements in an indoor setting. Such as grow lights, exhaust fans, humidifiers, etc. On the other hand, an outdoor setting relies on natural sources. So it may be a much cheaper way to grow marijuana at home. However, it may not provide you protection from questioning glares and thieves.

In either case, you will have to look after your plant. Feed the soil proper nutrients and water it as per requirements. Also, you need to keep a check on the temperature, humidity, plant growth, and other factors to have a good harvest. Amidst all this, you won’t have the time to worry about getting bored.

2. It is a More Sustainable Option

There is a large group of people who use marijuana for their medical conditions. It may not be possible for them to visit their dispensary for every restock especially during such a crisis. Also, some dispensaries do not have doorstep delivery yet. In such a case, a more convenient option is to have your own plant at home.

Every state has different rules for the number of plants that can be grown at home. You will have to get a medical marijuana grower license to be able to legally grow a marijuana plant. However, once you have your own plant, you’ll soon be able to reap the benefits. For starters, you don’t have to worry about restocking anymore. You have your own supply that you can grow in whichever way you prefer. You can experiment with it and try different ways of consuming it. And the best part of all this is that you will never go low on stocks. As long as you maintain the correct growing conditions and care for your plant, you will have a potent harvest for yourself.

3. You Have Assured Safety

It is quite obvious that when you’ll have your own harvest, you will not have to worry about visiting a dispensary for your stash. You will have an unlimited supply of marijuana for as long as you care for the plant.

The current world environment is tense and people are asked to stay indoors and have minimal contact with other people to be safe. With a marijuana plant in your home, you wouldn’t have to get out or interact with anyone. As a result, you’ll not be exposed to the virus and be safe in your home. For people who are worried about the growing conditions of their stock, having their own plant can be a relief. You will be responsible for the growing conditions and the type of nutrients used for growing cannabis. So safety is assured in this aspect as well.

4. An Additional Benefit of Savings

Growing your own cannabis is a good money-saving option. It is true that you may need to invest in the beginning whether you have an indoor or outdoor setup. But once you get a hang of it and start having a harvest, it will all be worth it.

Your initial investment would be on seeds, grow lights, humidifiers, fertilizers, etc. But all this would make cannabis a sustainable source for you. And save all the future expenses on restocking.

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Tips For Beginners

A general perception of growing a marijuana plant is that it requires a whole lot of effort and time. While it does need attention and care, it is no different than any other plant in your garden. Just as caring for a succulent is different from caring for a water-tolerant plant, similarly, cannabis has its own requirements. And it is not rocket science. You will slowly get a hang of it.

Plus, you do not have to care for a whole field of marijuana plants. So it is fairly easy to grow a mary jane on your own. Consult a professional for more details related to a marijuana plant and follow these tips to have a better harvest.

1. Give More Attention to Seed Selection

The first step towards growing your own marijuana is seed selection. You need to pay more attention to this step because it will determine the requirements of the plant. You can have a Sativa, Indica or a Hybrid. Each of these requires different growing conditions, have different yields and cannabinoid profile. So make sure that you are aware of the type you will be growing in your home.

2. Maintain Cleanliness

Whether it is due to COVID-19 or otherwise, you must maintain a sanitized environment in the growing area. Indoor growing space should be cleaned of everything that can catch mold or bacteria. So clean up all pruned plant parts, fertilizers etc. Also, remember to clean all the tools regularly especially those used frequently.

3. Avoid Overfeeding

While caring for your plant is necessary, overcaring can cause damages. Be very particular about the water schedule, light and soil nutrients. Carelessness can cause you to overfeed the plant which can lead to numerous problems. Rotting of roots, mold growth and chemical burns are some examples of the harmful effects of overfeeding.

4. Keep a Regular Check on Your Plants

Make sure that the soil and water pH is as per requirement. See if there are any signs of diseases or overfeeding. Make sure that the soil is properly drained and that the humidity and temperature level is neither too high nor low. Repeat this cycle of checkups regularly to maintain plant health.

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Final Thoughts

At the present time of COVID-19, you can really benefit from growing your own cannabis plant. Not only is this the perfect time according to the weather conditions but also as a safety measure. You can reduce the trips to the dispensary and even save money when the economy is suffering. So contact your nearest dispensary to get guidance for growing your own marijuana at home.

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