How Do Cannabis And COVID-19 Affect Each Other?

Think twice before smoking cannabis during this COVID-19 pandemic to relieve your stress and anxiety! Smoking cannabis is riskier now due to the associated complications of COVID-19, the widely spread disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

Is cannabis really essential like milk and bread? Just like restaurants, marijuana businesses should also slow down and curb themselves to delivery or takeout. With coronavirus spreading all over the world, millions of people are under lockdown and staying like a refugee at home. They can only get out for things they need- only essential needs like medicines, groceries, etc.

The onset of the highly contagious COVID-19 virus has brought in the use of drugs and it has been accelerating, alleviating the stress on emergency and intensive care. And legalization of marijuana has called upon 420 doctors to issue the medical marijuana card to have access to medical marijuana without a hassle.

Let us discuss how marijuana and COVID-19 go together!

Marijuana Business and COVID-19

Coronavirus has shaken the industries, and it took a central stage. Consumption of medical marijuana has been pretty much the same while non-medical users have seen an uneven increase or decrease. In some places, the price rate of marijuana has dropped. While in some areas, the marijuana sale has reached its peak.

States where the marijuana business is functional, are adopting unique and creative measures. They offer takeaway and delivery services and even switching to telemedicine and its applications. This will reduce in-person interactions as some are accommodating online prescriptions and consultations.

In late January 2020, the marijuana business had taken huge losses, but the stocks recovered by March end.  The marijuana industry is volatile and has higher levels of active trading in response to COVID-19. Hence, it is a powerful tool to recover in response to such market upticks.

Is Marijuana An Essential Item?

Some consider marijuana to be an essential item. In many places, it makes it to the list of essential items. Marijuana has been legalized in over 50 states and hence people have adopted a habit of marijuana use in their daily routine.

Doctors have been recommending medical marijuana for patients with a range of diseases- both mentally and physically. Even people are self-medicating with marijuana and working their way with bud tender. More importantly, people are anxious and stressed at home because of the current pandemic situation. To overcome such situations, people indulge in marijuana to mitigate all the negativity and anxiety from life.

Over the weeks, dozens of states have been working on their essential and nonessential stores. Some states have agreed that non-essential stores can stay closed while medical marijuana dispensaries and pot shops can remain open. For some Americans, marijuana is an essential item just like milk and bread.

Americans have competed to stock up their house with enough toilet rolls, canned goods, and hand sanitizers. People in marijuana legal states are also buying enough marijuana products to last through this lockdown period.

Should You Smoke Marijuana?

Smoking cannabis has made millions of people stay inside. If you are a marijuana smoker, then you did not even realize that you stay locked up in a room. Although marijuana smokers love to sit with friends and smoke up joints by sharing. But this is not the time to share your doob with your mates.

Moreover, smoking is out of the question. COVID-19 is a disease that affects the respiratory system of our body. As a result, smoking marijuana is harmful altogether, but you can consume marijuana via other methods like edibles. It is the safest way to consume marijuana during this pandemic to not fall victim to the coronavirus.

You should know that smoke from marijuana is an unwanted particle entering your lungs. It will make you more susceptible to catch the coronavirus. You do not want to weaken your immune system and be infected with COVID-19. Therefore, if you really need marijuana, prefer edibles and tinctures or marijuana-infused products. Quit smoking marijuana at all.

Is The Cough from Smoking or Coronavirus?

Marijuana smoking for the long term, undoubtedly, damages the lungs. The repercussion of this is that the body will get chronic obstructive lung disease. Smokers and people with such lung-related diseases are more at risk of exposing themselves to COVID-19.

People can get confused about whether the cough is from smoking marijuana or you are infected by the coronavirus. Lung damage is a common symptom in both cases. A dry cough is yet another key sign! Hence, it becomes difficult to diagnose an individual during this time.

Does Marijuana Really Clear Head?

Some folks take up marijuana to relieve themselves from the coronavirus induced anxiety and stress. You feel light-headed and have a calm mind. However, marijuana used to relieve mental health issues is a temporary relief and not long-term treatment.

As we know for a fact that marijuana not only calms you down but can also fiddle with your ability to function. Some people do a report of having worsened mental issues like anxiety and stress. Marijuana effects can make you spiral down in your own thoughts without even realizing it.

In such a situation, there can be a call for an emergency and then you might be just not as helpful as you could be. So, the best approach is not to over-intake marijuana. Especially pay attention to marijuana-infused edibles. They on-set later but last longer. You wouldn’t realize how much of them you have consumed as the effects show up nearly in about an hour.

 Lasting Implications on Marijuana Industry

States with legal marijuana markets have been deemed during the coronavirus outbreak. Recently, the marijuana industry has picked up because of its medical and therapeutic benefits. It has quickly become essential from being illegal.

Medical Marijuana dispensaries offer pickup for medical patients as you know that venturing out to the physical establishments is difficult. Apart from pickup services, they are finding better and additional ways to cater to their customers.

It is predicted that marijuana will be one of the constant revenue sources which will push up the economy of states. The state has also delayed awarding licenses to marijuana industrialists because of this pandemic outbreak. The deadlines are also applied to craft grower, infuser, and transporter licenses. The only challenge faced is to keep the sales of marijuana up during this health crisis!

The upcoming entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry did not get their chance to break in and all old and existing operators are ruling the marijuana market. Moreover, the experts say that since there are no vaccines or cures for COVID-19, smoking or vaping marijuana is off the book! This is the time to protect oneself against serious complications. 

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