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How to Help Your Friend in Handling His Intense High?

Every once in a while, there comes the time when your stoner friend goes too heavy on the bong or eats a lot of canna-gummies or goes bananas on vaping. Situations, as we have read, are always tough for both the parties involved. Many fun stoner stories are the outcome of heavy doses of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive substance of cannabis plant). Marijuana is just like life; it treats everyone differently. When some people can handle their high just fine, there are others for whom it is like opening a can of worms. Come discuss, how medical marijuana Stockton CA helps your friend in handling an intense high;


It is common to see in beginners or canna-rookies to be overly anxious. Cannabis can trigger anxiety in some users and is one of the side-effects. In such a situation you need to calm your friend down, tell him/her that it will all pass soon and he will be normal again in no time. Also, it is a common concern of “too-high people,” that they have overdosed the weed. So, explain to them that there is nothing like marijuana overdose. Keep on telling your friend this after every fifteen minutes.

Make them Relax Physically 

Your friend is freaking out mentally, s/he has a high BP, and heart rate is all over the place, which is causing the person to be more anxious. The human body triggers anxiety when the heart rate is high, automatically. So, after having the talk, your primary motive should be on calming you down physically, to diminish the distress. If you are at a party, with flashing lights, loud noises, and wasted people, get your friend out of place. Take the person to a place with dim lights, if on a public place, put the Reefer in car or restroom can do too. Sound of nature, soothing music, and bubble bath all these things can help to create a calmer environment. Scented candles are also very useful in this situation.

What to Feed a High Friend?

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Soon the weed munchies will hit in, and we all know; they will be craving something sweet. And high levels of sugar will make them even higher. Instead, eating Saltines and simple toasts are some of the meek foods, they have carbs, but these are the light, which means they will not make them sick at the stomach — keeping in mind that a hydrated and nourished body is one less thing to worry about. You can also give your friend any energy drink to charge up the electrolytes, but no caffeine. Caffeine will pump up the heart, even more, making your friend more anxious.

Can CBD Cure High Effect?

CBD can surely cure the “too high” effect; it can counteract THC’s psychoactive effects. So, ask your friend to consume some high CBD oil or CBD gummies, CBD patches are also a great idea, as they cannot choke on them.

Ending Note

A friend in need is a friend indeed, and this is what the friendship is all about, taking Care of each other and being there when no one else will. As mentioned in the blog, too, a person cannot suffer scenarios like overdose while using cannabis. And it is not a very uncommon deal, 99 percent of the reefers can proudly say that they at least were once knocked out at least once by weed, even when you are using medical marijuana Stockton CA. Yes, medicinal marijuana has a few products that can push you out when overdone.

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