Cannabis Crop’s Natural Defense System

How to Improve Your Cannabis Crop’s Natural Defense System?

While growing marijuana on their own, a lot of growers think that’s it’s just about germinating and harvesting. However, in reality, the process isn’t always this straightforward. Many times, you encounter certain challenges. And there are many things, such as pests, lack of nutrients, etc., that may obstruct the growth and overall health of your harvest.

Growing cannabis isn’t just about putting seeds in the ground and sitting back while it grows on its own. You also need to make sure you get a great yield with some bright colors and a decent amount of THC. And for that, there are a few simple tricks and techniques you can follow.

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Understanding Cannabis Plant’s Physiology: The Basics

Before we get to what steps you need to take to keep your cannabis produce healthy, let’s understand the basic anatomy of the cannabis plant.

A cannabis plant can either be a male, a female, or a hermaphrodite. The product that you usually smoke is derived from a female plant. And a female cannabis plant has several parts that are important in terms of growth.

Many female plants have trichomes that are responsible for the sweet sugary coating of the bud. And the flowers also have pistils, which are usually attached to tiny leaves or sometimes the clusters we call bracts. The fan-shaped leaves are also found in many female plants. These help the plant to get some sunlight for photosynthesis. However, as these leaves do not have any necessary cannabinoids, they are usually cut off by the growers after harvesting.

The stems, which support the whole structure of the plant, are responsible for transporting nutrients and various other useful things to different parts of the plant. And in the end, the roots help the plant get water from the ground and remove any unnecessary waste.

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Improving Plants’ Defenses

There are various things that you can do to step up your plants’ game against any potential dangers, including lack of nutrients, pest attack, less food, etc. Let’s take a look at these, one by one.

Make a Nutrition-Friendly Environment

Nutrition is perhaps the most important requirement for the healthy growth of any plant. And cannabis is not any different. Your cannabis plant must get enough nutrients to support its growth. If there is a lack of it, the plants will become sick and will not be able to develop very well. Thus, make sure, the growing medium contains all the required nutrients, including potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, in decent quantities.

In addition to this, the pH levels of the soil should also be optimum. People who already have a medical marijuana grower license in Stockton and are growing for some time suggest that the pH of the soil should be between 6 and 7. The majority of marijuana plants absorb the required nutrients from the soil within this particular range only.

If the pH of the soil is too high or low, it may result in a condition we call “nutrient lockout.” In this condition, even if all the necessary nutrients are present in the soil, and in whatever quantity, the plant won’t be able to absorb them. However, you should note that certain strains of cannabis may thrive better in slightly acidic soil.

If you are growing marijuana at home, you may also need to add fertilizers to the soil to make sure your crops are feeding well. Plus, there are many products in the market to enhance the plants’ natural defense and overall yield. But don’t use too much of them as it may lead to nutrient burn.

Provide Them Enough Air And Light

Depending on which strain you are growing, you also need to make sure your crop is getting enough light every day. This light time will allow the plants to perform photosynthesis so that they can make food. You should keep in mind that every cannabis strain is unique. And thus, you need to do your research before on how much light your crop needs.

To make sure every single plant is getting enough light and air, there’s one more thing you can do- trimming and pruning. Sometimes, some particular plants can become very tall. And thus, they can obstruct the light and air to the bottom. But by trimming and pruning the extra leaves, you can make sure that every part of the plant is getting resources equally.

Get Them Ready for Pests

Pests can be a very big problem for your cannabis plants. They can damage the leaves, disrupt the whole nutrition supply system, and ultimately, inhibit the growth of the plants. Now, many amateurs use very harsh chemicals to overcome this problem. But experts warn against them. Using these harsh chemicals may harm your yield and disrupt the ultimate product. Considering this, you should use some natural ways to enhance the defenses of your plant against pests, instead.

First of all, never uses unsterilized soil to grow your plants. This type of soil may have pest eggs and larvae in it. So, it’s better you should sterilize it by heating it at around 170-180 degrees Fahrenheit in an oven for about 30 to 45 minutes. This will kill any persisting pests inside the soil.

Secondly, experts suggest adding around 2.5 tablespoons of peroxide to every single gallon of soil. You may also use neem oil to boost the natural defense of the plant.

Finally, you should try planting some other species of plants nearby. Plants such as garlic or geraniums can be dangerous for certain kinds of pesticides. And thus, growing them nearby can act as a defense against pests.

Plant a Potent Strain

While the above techniques may help your plant grow very well, there is another trick you may try to game up your marijuana growing. It is growing a strain with a high level of THC.

THC can act as a great form of defense for the cannabis plant. It can help your crop fight many ailments. A high concentration of THC in the plant will help the marijuana plants keep bugs away, combat diseases, and ensure that the plants grow well.

Concluding Thoughts

With so many people now getting a medical cannabis card in the country to treat a medical condition, we are also seeing a prominent rise in the number of marijuana growers. There are so many cannabis patients as well as recreational users who are trying their hands on cannabis gardening. However, the thing most new growers do not understand is that when you are growing cannabis, it’s not about simply putting the seeds in the soil and letting it grow on its own. Just like a cannabis plant, the growing process also has many leaves and branches. And one of the most important ones is to take proper care of your growth.

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The cannabis plant is very sensitive to ailments and other problems, such as mites and pests, etc. And if you do not work on improving the natural defenses of your plants during their journey, there is a very significant chance you won’t get what you are expecting.

But don’t worry. With the help of the above-given tips, you can make sure that the crop you are growing is free from every problem and is in its healthiest form.

Happy Growing!

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