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How to Stock a Cannabis Bar For a Wedding?

The world is indeed progressing at lightning speed. Take cannabis for instance. Over thirty years ago, you could’ve been behind bars for being seen with the green herb. Today, the times are such that people are having cannabis bars at their weddings. That’s right. Not a snack bar or an alcohol bar but one that can get you high using a herb. So, each of their guests can have a mocktail infused with cannabis and enjoy their time.

Are you one of these couples who wish to do something different on their special day? Well, why not get inspired and try a cannabis bar? It’s not easy but not difficult either. Just a few simple steps can help you wow your guests and remember your wedding to be the best they’ve ever attended.

So, here’s how you can begin planning a cannabis bar for your special day.

Hire an Experienced Budtender

For an alcohol bar, you have a bartender who can make a variety of drinks. In the case of a cannabis bar, you have a budtender who has the right knowledge for every strain out there.

A budtender is ideal for guests that are experienced as well as beginners. They can answer all the queries of your guests, let people know about the effects of a strain, and even serve the cannabis varieties you have at your bar. They are not like an MMJ doctor but can definitely make sure that no one is overserved or gets a dose that they cannot handle.

Also, it’s very important that your cannabis bar doesn’t become an illegal activity. So you can also ask your budtender to check for IDs before serving cannabis to anyone.

Take a Look at Your Guest List

Having a look at your guest list is very important. It may look fresh and interesting to have a cannabis bar at a wedding but it is of no use if there are not a lot of guests who actually consume cannabis.

So, check-in with the people who will be attending your wedding and make a price range accordingly. You will also be able to have a better idea about the varieties that you can include at the bar after going through the preferences of your guest list.

Offer Variety 

For a cannabis bar, you will have to make a list of what you will be serving. For instance, do you want to make it a bar for cannabis-infused drinks or dry herbs for smoking? Or you can go for all of the above.

Tending to the variety of preferences of your guests, it’s best to offer variety on your menu. You can include edibles such as tater tots and beef jerky. You can have a variety of mocktails infused with different marijuana strains. Another option is to have jars of cannabis and let your guests choose the strain they wish to smoke.

Create a Separate Location For The Cannabis Bar

Now, you cannot expect to have a wedding where each of your guests wants to use cannabis. This is why you need to have a separate place for your cannabis bar. Far enough for the smoke to not bother the non-smokers at all. This way you will not only be a good host for the smokers but also the other lot that’s not in a mood to have the green herb.

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Make an Information Panel

If you are planning to have a variety of strains at your cannabis bar, it would be a great idea to have informational panels for each one. Your wedding will have a mixture of beginners, experienced consumers, and first-timers. In fact, many of your guests may also be medical patients who have just gone through 420 evaluations

So, having an informational panel with the name of the strain, its chemical profile, and effects is a smart way to give a heads up as well as educate the consumer about the strain.

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Provide Transportation For Your Guests

Cannabis is psychoactive. It may not sit well with some of the guests, especially beginners and first-timers. The high may be intolerable or enough to make it impossible for them to drive. So, as a responsible host, if you are having a cannabis bar, having a transport facility is also a good idea.

Are you ready to make your wedding day special? If yes then get going and start the preparations for your cannabis bar. I’m sure it will leave your guests surprised and excited.

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