Basics Of Proper Cannabis Storage

Learn About The Basics Of Proper Cannabis Storage

I’m sure you must have never paid much attention to how you store your cannabis, especially if you are a beginner. Just throw it in a plastic bag and keep it in a drawer or just let it lay around. If that’s what you do, it’s time you learn the importance of proper storage. While an MMJ doctor in Stockton will clear most of the important factors regarding medical cannabis but proper storage is something you need to learn about on your own. 

If you look at the back of a bottle of pills, you’ll find a few instructions about how to store it properly. Now, cannabis is also a medication and it needs to be stored properly too. Otherwise no matter the quality of your stash, it will degrade with time. And when you are using cannabis for your medical condition, this degraded quality will do you more harm than good. So let’s move forward and learn about some basic yet important factors related to cannabis storage. 

Choose The Right Container

The first step to proper cannabis storage is choosing the container. You cannot just throw your stash in plastic or paper bags and call it a day. There are different containers that people use for their cannabis but not all are effective in preventing degradation. So to find the best container for your cannabis, look for the following factors. 

No plastic

A lot of cannabis consumers store cannabis in a plastic ziplock bag. And some illegal sellers also sell their products in plastic bags. While it is fine to use it for some time, long term storage in plastic reduces the potency of cannabis with time. First of all, plastic is not sturdy enough to prevent the buds from cases of improper handling. Also, plastic can form static that will reduce the number of trichomes from the surface of the buds. So it is better to go 

plastic-free when storing cannabis.

Use Glass Instead

When looking for containers for cannabis, opt for glass jars. Mason jars or any other glass container that you may have at your home will work perfectly. Glass compensates for all the shortcomings of plastic bags. Its sturdiness will maintain the shape and texture of cannabis buds. It does not create any static which will prevent any loss of trichomes. And it can be reused and recycled. 

When you buy from legal dispensaries and online sources, they will sell you cannabis products in glass containers. So you wouldn’t have to worry about buying one. But some dispensaries only allow people with a medical card. So if you don’t have one or own an expired card, you can get online and apply for a new card or an MMJ card renewal.


When it comes to the container of your cannabis stash, the size matters. This is because the more empty space there is in the container, the more room for oxygen to get trapped inside. And this trapped air does not do good for the shelf life of cannabis. In the presence of high amounts of oxygen the cannabinoids especially THC degrade faster. To prevent this only buy containers according to the amount of cannabis you have. 

Airtight and opaque

Whether you use cannabis buds, edibles or concentrates, they should be stored in airtight and opaque containers. This is important because air and light together increase the speed of degradation of cannabis. They will break down the cannabinoids faster and leave an ineffective stash for you. 

In case you are using a transparent glass container, make sure to store it airtight and stored in a cool and dry place. 

Labels Are Important

You must never remove the labels or packaging of your cannabis products. There’s a reason why they are so colorful and different. The packaging and labels help non-consumers identify it as something that should not be consumed. While pre-rolled joints and dried buds are still easily distinguishable, the same cannot be said about edibles. Cannabis-infused chocolates, gummies, beverages and nowadays even popcorns increase the risk of accidental consumption. And more so in the case of homemade edibles. 

So if you use edibles or make them at home, remember to label them properly so no one confuses it with regular food or snack. 

Keep It Out Of Reach

Cannabis can be therapeutic for you but if it gets into the hands of someone else, it’s only going to be a miserable experience. So if you live with children, elders or pets, it’s important to be very careful about where you keep your cannabis stash. As I have discussed already, it’s very common to not be able to distinguish between cannabis infused products and regular food. So along with labeling it properly, you must keep it out of reach too. Because young minds and pets cannot tolerate the high of cannabis. And it’s not like they will be careful about the dose. Also, edibles can be more potent than other delivery methods. So for the safety of others, make sure to keep your cannabis stash in places where only you can find it. 

Maintain The Right Environmental Conditions

Keeping a check on the right environmental conditions is the most important step to storing cannabis properly. A change in these factors can degrade cannabis significantly. 

The first factor to look after is light and temperature. Higher exposure to light will fasten the process of degradation. You will be able to tell the difference by looking at the color. The healthy green hue will slowly become colorless or a shade of brown. The buds will also dry up faster. Longer exposure to light will also increase the temperature which will harm the terpenes and change the flavor of cannabis. But lower temperatures are not good for storage either. Your best bet is to stay within 40℉ and 77℉. 

Similarly, high humidity levels are ideal for the growth of mildew and other molds. If consumed, they can cause harm to your health. So avoid any development of sweat in the containers. And if you can check the level of humidity, stay within 58 to 62 percent. 

Refrigeration Is Not Always Helpful

A lot of people refrigerate their cannabis stash. While it is a necessity for perishable edibles, in the case of buds, it may not be the best option. The temperature in refrigerators fluctuate frequently which will only reduce the shelf life of cannabis. In addition to that, it will make the buds brittle and not easy to use. So avoid refrigeration of cannabis. 

Having gone through the main points of cannabis storage, you must remember to follow them to make your cannabis last longer and get the worth of your money. Remember to always buy from a licensed dispensary as they will only sell you good quality products and even offer you discounts with a medical card. 

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