Affect a Cannabis High

Learn About The Factors That Affect a Cannabis High

Ask your cannabis enthusiast friends about their favorite cannabis strain, and you will get many different answers. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to the kind of cannabis high they prefer. While some look for a mellow high, others may look for a bit buzzy high, and so on. And there are various factors that may influence the preference of a person when talking about enjoying cannabis high.

A lot of people get a medical cannabis card to buy medical cannabis to manage their condition. These people have to choose a cannabis strain that helps them manage their condition. So, they set their preferences according to that. That’s why many patients choose to get a medical marijuana grower license in Stockton to grow their own cannabis plants. This gives them the advantage of growing a cannabis plant according to their need and preference.

There are certain factors that may coincide with your personal preference, and affect your cannabis high. But there are a few factors that are often not in your control. But understanding the circumstances that can affect your high gives you empowerment to have better experiences with different strains and products. This way you can narrow down what suits you the best according to your needs. Today, in this article, we will learn about the factors that can affect your cannabis high. So, let’s get into it.


Finding the right dose can be a bit tricky. This is especially true when you are trying a new strain or eating some delicious cannabis edibles. The key is to take things slow and start low. 

Dosing is one of the most important factors that can affect your cannabis high. And every method of consumption has a different dose. Whether you are consuming cannabis through smoking, vaping, or edibles, the cannabis dose varies according to your consumption method. And the trickiest dosing comes with edibles. 

When you smoke cannabis, you can still control your dosing as you are able to see how you are consuming. The similar thing goes with vaping, as you know exactly what amount of e-liquid you are starting with. Also, you can feel the effects of smoking and vape in just 5 to minutes. But that becomes difficult with edibles.

If you consume a little too much, you may end up being couch-locked. And too much cannabis can also lead to an unpleasant high. Or if you consume too little, you may feel nothing at all. Learning about the perfect dose and understanding your preferred dose can help you enjoy your cannabis in a better way.

Your set and setting

The environment plays a very important role in determining the effectiveness of your cannabis high. This means you should take it seriously. Even I have experienced it; smoking the same strain at different places and on different occasions can offer different high. 

So, if you feel some kind of change in your high experience the next time, notice your surroundings. Think about whether you were happy, relaxed, comfortable, or not. Or if you were feeling uneasy, tense, or anxious. It is very important for you to be comfortable with the company you are around to have a good experience. For example, some people are just not comfortable in crowded areas.

Trust me, different scenarios affect your cannabis high a lot. So what can you do? Be at a place where you are comfortable before you start consuming cannabis. And if you get anxious in the crowded place after consuming cannabis, try to smoke right before bed.

The point you need to keep in mind is to be aware of your settings. Your surroundings and setting play a huge role when it comes to your cannabis high. Understand what suits you, look for your happy smoking place, and then enjoy your herb.

Methods of consuming cannabis

We discussed a bit about this in the first point. The most common ways to ingest cannabis include vaping, smoking, and eating edibles. And these methods have their own variables. Each method affects your body in a different way. Your body processes the cannabinoids present in cannabis according to your method of ingesting cannabis. Also, each method has different dosing recommendations. That’s why it becomes important to understand these methods well and learn the dosing recommendation. For example, edibles have stronger effects that also last longer as compared to other methods.

As I mentioned before, it is easy to control your dose with smoking and vaping. On the other hand, it is a bit tricky with edibles. Also, there are some other ways that are more potent than these common methods. For example, dabbing can be more potent than smoking a joint. Also, it is easier to visualize the amount of cannabis you are smoking with a joint than knowing the liquid in a vape pen.

All these factors affect your cannabis high. From the length of your high to its quality. And learn your limits, just because you can smoke a joint before bed each night, doesn’t mean you will get the same effects from two cannabis brownies.

Profile of strains

There are a lot of strains, a lot! And each strain has a unique cannabinoid profile. Knowing the cannabinoid profile of a strain is the best way to know how it will affect you. I know many people who love the high produced by marijuana (THC, basically). While there are some who are prone to experiencing paranoia, and anxiety. 

When choosing a strain, you should learn about the percentage of some of the common cannabinoids. These include CBD, THC, and CBN. Strain profiles vary from strain to strain. And that’s why you might have to experiment with some different strains to find the one that suits you the best. This way you will know which strain composition has the power to fulfill your needs. You can also learn about the THC to CBD ratio and other things about cannabis profiles.

Your tolerance

Everyone is different, we all know that. But many people don’t understand that the same goes with your cannabis tolerance level. Your tolerance level tells about how much cannabis can you consume before you get too high or experience hangover symptoms. Tolerance is a very big factor that can affect your cannabis high.

Every person’s body has a different chemical makeup because of various factors. This could be your age, physical fitness level, and overall health. You also have to consider how frequently you consume cannabis, and for how long you have been smoking it. Getting familiar with your tolerance level helps you understand how much cannabis you can consume. This is especially important when you are smoking with your friends. 

So find your tolerance level to enjoy your cannabis high in a better way. Remember, when trying a new cannabis strain, start low and slow. See how it is affecting your body and mind. Increase the dose only if you are comfortable with the high you are experiencing.

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