Medical Cannbis For Diabetes

Manage your diabetes with the help of cannabis

Diabetes is a disease that needs active attention especially during this risky time of COVID-19. That’s because it is one of the coronavirus comorbidities and can complicate issues further. So, you need to manage it to reduce your risk. Cannabis carries the promising potential to manage diabetes. If you have a medical cannabis card, you can earn the right to access the herb without any legal hassle. Well, let’s get a better understanding of diabetes before we explain how cannabis can help you with it. 

What is Diabetes?

The presence of abnormal levels of blood sugar leads to diabetes. This leads to a series of complications and your body needs to work extra hard to remove the excess sugar from the bloodstream. As a result, it puts heavy pressure on your metabolism and it weakens your immune system. This makes you susceptible to many infections and attract unwanted health issues like heart disease. This means you need to manage this condition at the earliest before it gets complex. 

The major cause of diabetes is a sedentary lifestyle. If you have a habit of sitting for long hours continuously, then your body won’t be able to metabolize sugar and this leads to glucose build-up. On the other hand, genetics also plays a major role. This means you might have weak metabolism with respect to sugar since birth. Well, no matter what the case is, there is always a way to manage it. Doctors usually recommend a healthy exercising routine for patients suffering from diabetes. This improves your metabolism and makes digesting sugar easier. 

Other than that, insulin also works great in regulating blood sugar. If you want something natural, cannabis is a great option. 

Cannabis Can Help You Manage Diabetes

Medical cannabis is loaded with properties that make it one of the best medicines for diabetes. This is how it can help you: 

1) There is plenty of research that points to the effectiveness of cannabis in managing blood sugar. It can keep the sugar levels in check and prevent you from being diabetic. 

2) Patients suffering from diabetes often have constricted blood vessels that affect the flow of blood. As a result, oxygenated blood doesn’t reach the required body parts and leads to pain or numbness. Cannabis helps by acting as a vasodilator. It expands your blood vessels and results in smooth blood flow. As a result, there is no numbness

3) Arterial inflammation is something that is very common in patients suffering from diabetes. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties that help in managing this inflammation and providing you with much-needed relief. 

4) Diabetic patients also have a restless leg syndrome that makes it is characterized by abnormal shaking of the leg. Cannabis acts as a muscle relaxant and helps you manage this issue with ease. 

This means that cannabis has the necessary properties to help you dive into a relaxing cannabis experience. 

How to Use Cannabis For Managing Diabetes?

The idea of using cannabis is definitely great but you just need to be a bit more careful while using the herb during this pandemic. Smoking is the most popular mode of using cannabis. That’s because it hits you fast. The cannabinoids THC and CBD are absorbed directly from your bloodstream and the effects are evident in the form of high. Well, considering the risk of COVID-19, smoking is not a healthy practice. That’s because COVID-19 is a respiratory disease and it directly impacts your lungs. Similarly, smoking inflames your lungs and makes you susceptible to contracting the virus. So, it’s not a healthy practice during this pandemic. 

Plus, smoking also leads to dry cough which is also a major symptom of COVID-19. So, if you have a cough because of smoking, the doctor will have a hard time knowing if the symptom is because of smoking or coronavirus. At this time, we need to be proactive and act responsibly. 

Considering this, using edibles is a much better choice than smoking. It is safer than smoking and doesn’t impact the lungs. While edibles are definitely a safer choice, you need to be a bit careful with the dose. That’s because edibles hit you late and it can take anywhere between 1-2 hours before it hits you. That’s because your body needs to digest it before you see a possible effect on your body. So, it is a good idea to start slow. Take a small dose and test it on your body to check how your body responds. The aim should be to find that sweet spot and stick to that dose. The doctor can help you find that specific dose that is suited for your condition. 

If you are not fond of edibles, you can always try other methods like oils, sprays, tinctures, or sublinguals. 

Get a Medical Cannabis Card

In order to gain quick access to cannabis, you need to have a medical cannabis card. Once you have the card, you can earn the right to use cannabis for managing diabetes. The process to get a recommendation is pretty easy. In fact, telemedicine has made the entire process very easy.     So, just follow these steps to get started:

1) Fill The Application Form

It starts with a simple application form that you have to fill. Enter your details like age, address, and mention your documents for proof. The clinic analyzes your application and links you to a certified doctor. 

2) Interact With The Doctor

The medical cannabis doctor interacts with you via video call. The doctor might ask you some questions that you have to answer honestly. This helps in better analysis and get a treatment you need. The main of this process is to check if you have a valid qualifying medical condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any. 

3) Get Your Card

If you qualify, you earn the right to get a mmj card from qualified medical marijuana doctor. The clinic sends you the card via email or sends a hard copy on your address.

Once you have the card, you have the legal right to access cannabis without any hassle. Owning a card comes with lots of benefits like the legal age reduces and you can access cannabis even if you are 18 years of age. Along with that, you can possess more than you usually would.

 Just make sure you follow the social distancing rules and respect the guidelines given by the government. We need to be proactive while taking care of our health and also prevent risking others’ lives through our actions. When you are planning to source cannabis, use the online delivery services which will help in avoiding any form of close contact. So, this way you will be able to dive into a safe cannabis experience and give a new dimension to your life. 

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