Cannabis Intake Discreet

Simple Tips to Keep Your Cannabis Intake Discreet

The popularity of cannabis in the US is skyrocketing nowadays. The herb, as you perhaps know, has been credited to have the potential of helping people with a number of ailments. And given this, a myriad of people are applying for 420 evaluations to get an MMJ card.

Despite this rising acceptance of the herb, though, not everyone is comfortable with others knowing about their cannabis use. See, though cannabis is legalized in many parts of the US, there’s still a lingering stigma against it in minds of some people. And thus, many cannabis users try to keep this affair private.

Fortunately, there are some ways to enjoy cannabis discreetly that we’ve discussed here. So, read on and learn.

Don’t Smoke

If you want to consume cannabis discreetly, the first advice MMJ doctors offer you is to avoid smoking. We know smoking is the most common and very easy way of consuming the herb. However, with it, there’s a very high chance of your disguise getting blown. The smell that comes with smoking can be a major giveaway of your marijuana consumption. Hence, we suggest you avoid it. 

Well, if not smoke, then what?

There are various ways of consuming cannabis that may help you keep it discreet. You may try edibles, which look just like any other food. Or you may give raw cannabis a try. Yes, you can consume cannabis in its raw form too. Though it won’t get you high, you may still enjoy the plant’s therapeutic benefits.

In addition to these, you may try sublingual strips, oils, topicals, transdermal patches, beverages, or capsules. There is a myriad of smoke-less methods that you can use to consume cannabis discreetly. And they are just as effective or even better than smoking.

But What if You Just Can’t Avoid Smoking?

Well, that’s surely a possibility. Maybe you are having a party and your friends are coming over to your place with their stuff. Or maybe you don’t have anything at the moment but the stash. In that case, here are a few things you may do to maintain discreetness:

  • Smoke in a Ventilated Place

See, when you are smoking, your discreetness depends a lot on the airflow. If the place you are smoking is not ventilated enough, there is a chance of marijuana aroma staying there only. And when the smell has nowhere to go, it’s obviously going to stick to the things around too, including your clothes, curtains, and furniture. This may be a problem for you afterward. Hence, MMJ doctors say, if you have to, you must smoke in a properly ventilated area.

  • Mask The Smell

If you prefer smoking your stash indoors, you may try masking its smell with some other aroma. This will even keep your privacy intact. Try using incense sticks, scented candles, or some room fresheners.

  • Clean The Mess Post-Session

After your marijuana smoke session, it’s also important to clean up the mess, especially if you’re going out or are expecting someone to visit you. After your smoking cannabis, clean up the place properly. You should also take a nice long bath, clean your hair, brush your teeth, and change your clothes. In short, destroy every evidence of your cannabis smoke session.

Don’t Overdo it

If you consume cannabis, it’s not only the smell that may disclose it to others. Getting too high can also be a dealbreaker here. MMJ doctors suggest you should avoid it at any cost. Overconsuming cannabis, keep in mind, isn’t only problematic for your cover but also for your health. You perhaps already know the negative effects of overdoing it. So, stay responsible.

Final Words

Cannabis has become a lot more acceptable in our society now. In fact, as per the estimates, there are more than 3.5 million people in the US who already have an MMJ card. And as more and more people are applying for 420 evaluations, the number is bound to rise.

But if you are someone who wants to keep your cannabis consumption private, it’s totally up to you. And the developments in the cannabis world are also in your favor here. There are many ways using which you can keep your cannabis use discreet, some of which we just discussed. Do give them a try and let us know if they worked for you or not.

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