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Can Medical Marijuana Help With Back Pain?

The fame of MMJ is at its peak. Now it is used as an alternative medication for a host of ailments, both emotional and physical – more than ever before. It is being prescribed by physicians for chronic pain, anxiety, osteoarthritis, and also independently sought out by those living with depression. However, the stigma attached to marijuana and back pain still holds true.

Since cannabis was an illegal drug for most of our lives, there isn’t much information in this regard. This has left a lot of unanswered questions about marijuana as a treatment for back pain. Read on as experts that provide Stockton 420 Evaluations break down facts about marijuana and back pain management.

Why Use MMJ For Back Pain?

There’s a lot more to cannabis than the typical “stoner high”. It has numerous medicinal compounds that can alleviate tightness, back pain, inflammation, nausea (caused by other medication); as well as the emotional side effects like anxiety, depression, and insomnia. There are approximately 100+ different types of cannabinoids present in Cannabis, with THC being the most renowned.

Research shows that CBD, CBN, CBC, and THC have all been relieving pain, arthritis, inflammation, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, and many other illnesses. Although some of these compounds make you feel high, not all of them contain THC (psychoactive element) that leaves you feeling stoned. Simply put, there are plenty of marijuana strains that can provide you pain relief without “flying high”. But for having these, first, you need to get yourself evaluated under Stockton 420 evaluations.

Benefits Of Medical Marijuana vs. Plain medication

MMJ has a lot of advantages over generally prescribed medication. Some of these are:

Lowers The Effective Opioid Doses

A study on Clinical Therapeutics and Pharmacology claims that using marijuana with opioids significantly decreases pain. According to this study, when it comes to cannabis and opioids – the combination allows treatment at lower Opioid doses without any side effects.

100% Natural Medicine

Cannabis is a natural herb that is unprocessed alike the opioid pain medication. The opioid pain medications are synthetic and thus have numerous negative side-effects that can be harmful to your body with long-term use.

Almost Zero Side Effects

Medical Cannabis has much fewer or almost nil side effects if compared to opioid pain medication or other synthetic meds like Tylenol, NSAIDs, etc. Most pain medications lead to seizures, heart attacks, constipation, and nausea in terms of side-effects. In contrast, the side effects of cannabis include anxiety, increased heart rate, and dry mouth. 

It is Less Addictive Than Opioid

With the current scenarios of those under opioid medication, it’s clear that opioids are very addictive and thus have a powerful hold over the patient or any other user. On the contrary, although cannabis is arguably addictive, but is decidedly less addictive than the opioids. 

Consequently, marijuana obsession is much more infrequent among patients.

Barely Dangerous 

Pain medications are tolerance building, highly- addictive come with withdrawal symptoms for long-term patients. However, it is argued that cannabis is also tolerance-building, addictive, and has withdrawal side-effects, but it’s not to the same level as the opioid pain medications. Of course, you cannot die of an unintentional marijuana overdose.

So, if you’re thinking of initiating your MMJ treatment for back pain, first you need Stockton 420 evaluations by a licensed medical professional. Get yourself evaluated today!

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