Tips to Ensure a Better High With Cannabis

Cannabis is characterized by a euphoric or intoxicating high that most consumers look forward to. But there can be times when you have a perfectly rolled joint, the right setting and munchies by your side but when you take your first few puffs, you don’t feel the same high as you did a few days ago. Confusion creeps in. Is it your tolerance? Or the quality of the stash? Or was the strain not strong enough? There are many equally likely possibilities. So how do you deal with it?

First, contact a medical marijuana doctor and make sure that the dose you are taking is the right amount. In addition to this, see if any of the following tips apply to you and make a change in your cannabis experience. 

Don’t compromise on quality 

The quality of your cannabis has a major role to play in the high you get. There is a high possibility that you did not feel a good high because the quality of your buds or cannabis product wasn’t good. Such inconsistency of quality can only happen when you buy from unregistered and illegal sources. There are many black-market suppliers of cannabis out there. They may lure you with cheap deals and claims of ‘best stash in the city’. But there is no proof of the quality of the products they sell you. There’s a high chance that their products will be contaminated with sand, talcum powder, silica or even mold. Not only do these contaminants ruin the experience but they can also be harmful to the body if consumed. Unless you know how to identify contaminated weed or are ready to risk your safety, avoid buying from such sources.

Buy from licensed dispensaries or online stores instead. You can count on them for consistent quality products that will ensure that you get the same high with every use. These legit sources abide by the government’s quality guidelines. You can find proof of all the quality tests on the labels. If in case you are on the fence about making a purchase, do a little online research and read the reviews. You’ll get a better idea of the price points, product quality and variety.

Store your stash properly

Even when you buy high-quality cannabis from licensed sources, its quality can degrade if not stored properly. With every passing day that your stash sits in improper conditions, the potency will lower to a point of ineffectiveness. There goes your money’s worth and good experience. So if you weren’t paying attention to this aspect until today, it’s time that you make it a priority. 

Dried buds should be stored in an airtight glass container preferably opaque. You do not need to refrigerate the container, just store it in a cool, dark and dry place. An increase in temperature, light or humidity can damage the cannabinoids and even lead to mold formation. Plastic or ziplock bags should be used only temporarily. They are not effective in maintaining the texture and the static can cause the trichomes to fall off resulting in lower potency.

Edibles and other cannabis products should also be stored in a similar way. Perishable items can be refrigerated in airtight containers. And remember to keep a check on humidity and temperature to prevent it from getting spoilt.

Shift between strains and delivery methods

In the case of edibles, your body starts developing tolerance with every use. It’s an inevitable scenario. This rise in tolerance can be a reason why your cannabis isn’t giving you a high like it used to. One way to counter this situation is by shifting your strains and delivery methods frequently. 

Every strain has a different chemical profile. A different set of flavonoids, terpenes and THC and CBD ratio. Similarly, each delivery method is processed in the bodies in different ways. For example, smoking requires the respiratory system whereas edibles require the digestive system. These differences in strains and delivery systems keep the body guessing and do not give it time to adjust or develop tolerance faster. So you can have a better high with cannabis by following this method. 

Try mangoes

There are several foods that can significantly enhance your cannabis high. Mangoes are one of them. A mango before or after a smoking session will give you a better high and one that lasts for a long time. It’s not based on just anecdotal evidence but also scientific facts. 

Myrcene is a terpene that is commonly found in cannabis. It is responsible for creating the entourage effect along with the cannabinoids. Mangoes are also abundant in the same terpene. When you consume mangoes with cannabis, the terpene reacts with the CB receptors of the body and makes it easier for the cannabinoids to work in the body. This is how the two types of chemicals work and result in an intense high. 

Fine grind is the way to go

Have you ever had a joint that somehow hits better than any other roll? Do you know why? It’s not just the quality of the strain that’s responsible here but also the way it is ground. You should always grind your buds finely to get the best experience. Finely ground buds burn more evenly as the surface area increases and give you the best possible experience out of the joint. 

Use grinders to have the perfect finely ground cannabis. And once you are done, you can always use the leftover powdery substance (kief) to roll your next joint. So remember, if your joint isn’t hitting you right then you probably didn’t grind it fine enough. 

Take a tolerance break

You cannot run away from developing a cannabis tolerance. It will affect your cannabis experience at one point in time. You may not be able to feel high anymore or may need a higher dose or a stronger strain to feel the effects. If it is happening with you for the first time or is a frequent scenario, the best option is to take tolerance breaks once a while. A break of a few days can also work in lowering your tolerance and removing THC from your system effectively. After that, you will be able to experience a better high with cannabis again. 

If you are a medical cannabis consumer, make sure to consult the 420 doctors online or offline to have the right guidance about taking a tolerance break.

Try using these tips to see if your cannabis experience becomes any better. And if you do find some satisfaction, let your friends benefit from these tips too. 

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