Traveling With Cannabis

Traveling With Cannabis? Here’s How You Can Stay Out of Trouble?

The road to cannabis legalization on the federal level is paved with uncertainties. Several claims regarding cannabis therapeutic potential are sidelined and viewed as false theories. Even though we still do not have enough research regarding cannabinoid’s therapeutic benefits. However, the cannabis industry has in common: the unity and belief that cannabis users stand for. For instance, only recently, the newly elected VP of the United States, Kamala Harris, said that what makes people happy deserves a chance at legalization. 

The only problem is that marijuana legalization has a long way to go, and before that, you have to stay out of trouble. In order to stay out of problems here’s one law that you must comply with: travel with a sealed cannabis container. 

You see, Whether you reside in a state which has legalized marijuana for medical purposes or both, this law will enable you to travel with cannabis without the fear of getting arrested. Read on to find out. 

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Keep Cannabis In Its Original Packaging

The law is simple and easy. Once you walk out of a cannabis dispensary, take the package, do not open it, and make sure you have your medical cannabis card with you. In other words, the law states that you have to keep the original packaging intact while traveling with cannabis. Also, the package has to be tightly sealed. The only exception, in this case, is that this rule may vary across states. 

Ideally, the law in most states with medical marijuana programs requires cannabis users to transport cannabis in the original packaging. This way, when a Police officer pulls your car, you can show them that you do not have any suspected amount of marijuana in your car. Also, the packaging is original with no signs of wear or tear. Because even though medical cannabis is legal in 33+ states in the US, it is illegal in some parts of the nation. As a result of which, the cops have the authority to take action against anyone who transports cannabis in an open container with no signs of the original packaging. 

A Medical Cannabis Card Does Not Give You the Right to Transport Cannabis

Some medical cannabis patients are under the impression that having an MMJ card gives them the right to travel and consume cannabis whichever way they feel like. But the bad news is, it’s not that easy to travel with cannabis. The regulatory bodies ensure that medical marijuana patients comply with the rules. At the same time, they also ensure that these rules are implemented properly. 

So, do not travel with jars of cannabis or think that it is okay to do so because you have a medical cannabis card. You have to understand that patients can use the MMJ card to show that they legally possess cannabis and they can grow and use higher limits of cannabis. Taking undue advantage of the cannabis recommendation or card will not end up well when the Police stop you. 

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Understand the Laws of Your State

A medical marijuana patient needs to understand that cannabis laws vary across states. As mentioned earlier, you have to check-in with the state authorities, and understand the nuances of traveling with cannabis. A clear understanding of the laws will help you stay out of trouble. 

Additionally, we have a fitting example of how important it is to comply with the state rules. A 23-year-old adult was stopped by the Police according to a news report. The cops noticed that the person was traveling with bags of marijuana. He tried to explain that he has medical cannabis possession, but the law demands to keep the cannabis in its original packaging. So, all that trouble for nothing. Now, imagine the situation could have been worse if the same man lived in a state with sterner laws. 

To be safe and out of trouble, ensure that you comply with state regulations. Even if you are new to the cannabis world, take out some time, and study the laws. And next time you visit a dispensary, take the package, keep it in your car, and open it when you reach home. 

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