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Will My Health Insurance Cover 420 Evaluations Stockton Ca?

The growing popularity of medical marijuana is a great help towards changing the stigma towards marijuana. People are trying to understand the therapeutic benefits of this mighty herb. The more they are coming close to the reality of cannabis, the more they are accepting it as an alternative medical therapy. But, still, people looking forward to 420 evaluations Stockton Ca, often Google queries like, “will it be effective for my medical condition?” or that “will my health insurance cover cannabis therapy?”

The answer to the first query depends on the type of product and the intensity of your condition. For the latter, the answer would be NO. I am sorry, but it is like that. It is because of the fact that medical marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug. So, a lot of insurance companies are taking a step back or are afraid of mingling with cannabis. But, chances are there might come some changes in the entire scenario in the near future. Let’s delve into this situation a bit more and understand what is stopping insurance companies from doing so. 

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What Stops Insurance Companies to Include Medical Marijuana?

You pay for your health insurance only when the doctor recommends or prescribes that medical treatment. But, still, when a doctor recommends medical marijuana for your medical condition, it does not mean that insurance companies are bound to pay for your medical expenses for that as well. 

This is because the drug is not approved by the USFDA. So, health companies have issues concerning the legalities that come with medical marijuana. No FDA approval, so no health coverage, even from private insurance firms. 

Crazy, isn’t it?

I am sure you would be feeling a lot out of luck right now. But, until FDA makes some declarations about medical marijuana being approved as a medication federally. 

Are There Any Other Reasons Behind Health Insurance Not Covering Cannabis?

The fact that medical marijuana is not yet approved by the FDA makes it more than enough reason to say “NO” to insurance cover. However, the following are some of the other reasons that might be the reason behind medical marijuana not been included in the patients. 

One is that the amount of clinical research is less as compared to the other approved medications. So, no one knows how your body will react to that. No one can depend on pre-clinical trials or anecdotal reports for the same. 

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Another reason is that most of the time the product is unavailable and researcher’s can’t get the product to start their large scale clinical trials. So, getting 420 Evaluations Stockton Ca is the only way out to save some dollars at your end. As medical insurances are definitely not going to help you.

Is There Any Hope? 

The article would have made it completely clear that you can never ask for health insurance companies if they have included medical marijuana in their policies. But, the way things are changing, it is hopeful that the government agencies would approve it nationwide. If that happens, it entering into any insurance cover will never be an issue. 

For now, there are two synthetic marijuana products that are approved by the FDA. If you are taking one of those, then you might be able to ask for medical insurance easily. Other than that, you can go for 420 Evaluations Stockton Ca and get exempted from the “Sales and Use” tax and save some for yourself again. 

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